DIY Tipped Flower Pot

Don’t throw away that broken flower pot or rusty can! We recently shared the popular post below on Facebook and thought we'd follow up with a DIY article on creating a tipped pot garden feature.  Even though the cold months are just around the corner it isn't too late to add a few flowers to spice up your garden. This project will add a nice design and different dimension to your outdoor space.
  You don’t necessarily need to use a pot, but you can also try a barrel, container, or old can. Get creative and try gold flowers out of a black pot or white blooms spilling out of a milk can.  Here are 5 easy steps to get you started: Step 1: Choose an open area where you have space to display your tipped pot. You will need an area that is at least one foot wide and two feet long or longer depending on how many flowers you want "spilling" out of your pot. soilStep 2: Loosen the dirt in your designated area and add potting soil or compost to the entire space. This will help give nutrients to the soil and retain moisture to keep your flowers alive longer. Step 3: Find a pot you would like to use as part of the display and bury half of it in the dirt. This can be a great way to upcycle a broken or weathered pot. Once partially buried, place some organic soil inside the pot so you will be able to add flowers inside.

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Step 4: Depending on the size of tipped pot you prefer, gather 5-15 bedding plants and plant the flowers in the garden soil. Make sure you plant a few flowers inside the pot to give it the “spilling” effect. Step 5: This garden decoration requires the love and attention that any other garden flowers would need. Make sure to water and add fertilizer when necessary in order to keep the flowers healthy and growing. Be sure to share your unique design on our Facebook page!  

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