Features of Epoch Rain Barrels

Epoch Rain Barrels contain many features to aid in enhancing your garden. Here are a few of those features:
  • Every barrel is made from Food Grade High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) making it a very thick plastic that is durable and prevents algae and bacteria from forming in the water.
  • The two piece screw top lid has a insert with a 1 mm thick mesh screen. This keeps your water clean by preventing insects and debris from entering the rain barrel. The lid tightly seals the barrel by screwing on over the mesh insert.
  • The Two Overflow Ports have a threaded cost cap to seal the barrel. The overflow port is 3 1/4 inch threaded brass and with a stainless steel washer. Any standard garden hose can connect to it. The brass and stainless steel ports will not rust nor break to ensure longevity in the life of your rain barrel.
  • The Brass Spigot is threaded with 3 1/4 inch thread for any standard gardening hose. This spigot allows you to simply twist the handle to turn the water on and off.

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