E-V Illuminarie Hanging Butterfly Spinner

There’s nothing static or mundane about this Hanging Butterfly Spinner and that’s by design. The Illuminarie (Glow in the Dark) Hanging Butterfly Spinner from Echo Valley will bring motion, color and light to any outdoor setting. The garden ornament catches the wind and rotates horizontally while simultaneously bouncing up and down courtesy of the spring chain attached to it. Electrostatically coated in an antique bronze finish, this garden will endure in the harshest of environments and provide years of use and enjoyment.

  •  Luminescent crystals inside the 4″ hand-blown art glass globe at the center of the sun absorb light energy during the day and release it at night in a subtle green glow
  • Glow duration may last up to 3 – 4 hours, gradually fading over that time
  • Hang from a shepherds rod, tree hanger, soffit or wall bracket
  • Measures: 8.63″ x 8.63″ x 16.13″