One small & one large billboard wall hanging planter bag

Want to spice up your garden? Why not add in something that is pleasing to the eye and saves the environment at the same time? Can’t pick a size? Epoch’s new Wall Hanging planters set can fix that!·
  • 100% upcycled billboard material
  • 7” x 6” with a 3” pocket and 9.5” x 7.5” with a 5” pocket
  • Metal grommets built in to allow easy hanging on any surface
  • The large wall hanging bag is ideal for any garden
  • Pocket is larger to allow for more soil and a larger variety of plants per bag
  • Bags are aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Double stitched to provide extra durability to for its contents
Not only are you finding something that your neighbor doesn’t have but you’ve also just done your part keeping used billboards from crowding our landfills