Rain Barrel Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Epoch Rain Barrel? How do I use it? How much water does it hold? If you have ever asked yourself these types of questions, you are in the right place! This post will address our most common and frequently asked questions about Epoch Rain Barrels.   What color rain barrels are available? Epoch Rain Barrels are currently available in two colors - terracotta and black. All of our rain barrels have the same features and are the same size so both colors will be equally effective in your garden.   How many gallons of water does an Epoch Rain Barrel hold? All of our rain barrels can store up to 55 gallons. The color of the barrel does not affect its size.   What is an Epoch Rain Barrel and how do I use it? An Epoch Rain Barrel is a rain barrel that stores rainwater for use during times of drought and less rain. You can use the stored water to water your garden. To learn more about how Epoch Rain Barrels can enhance your garden, see our blog post Top 10 Benefits of Rain Barrels.   How and where do I set up my Epoch Rain Barrel? To effectively collect rainwater, we recommend placing your rain barrel directly underneath a downspout on the side of your house. This will allow for the maximum amount of water to collect in your rain barrel as water flows from your downspout.   Why use rain water over tap or city water? Rainwater is naturally enriched with nitrogen which fertilizes your vegetation. Also, a rain barrel will help you conserve water and, therefore, reduce your water bill. To learn more about using rainwater in your garden, see 5 Tips for Using Rainwater Wisely.   If you have any additional questions, check out our website www.EpochRainBarrels.com.

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    How is the overflow managed? Can a diverter system be hooked up to the barrel?

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