5 Gardening Hacks for the Fall

With the change of the season from the bright and sunny summer to the cool and colorful fall, you have to make some changes in your garden. Don't worry, we have just the right tips to help make your garden perfect for the fall!

1. Pot-in-Pot Landscaping: When the season changes, so does your plants. To easily change your seasonal plants, plant a pot in the soil and place another pot (with the plant already planted) inside it. When it is time to change your plants, simply lift the pot out from the other!

2. Chrysanthemum: Are you concerned your garden will lose its vibrant colors once the leaves start to fall? Plant Chrysanthemum! These flowers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They bloom in response to shortening daylight hours so they are perfect for the fall; they do best with six or more hours of daylight. Water them twice a day and remember to cut them back to one foot and mulch in December so they will go dormant in the winter.

3. Disease Cleanup: Did any plants in your garden face a disease over the summer? Remove all plant parts and leaves that were infected to prevent the disease from returning next year. Do not use these plants in your compost because it takes 130-140 degrees to kill the disease. Also, disinfect any tools you may use to prevent spreading.

4. Tilling:  during the fall has a lot of advantages, including eliminating pesky bugs. If your soil is lacking in nutrients, this is the perfect time to add whatever your soil needs to get a jump start for the spring. 

5. Fall Vegetables: Although you need to prepare your garden for the approaching winter months, you can still enjoy fresh veggies! Carrots, beets, and radishes are popular choices for fall gardening. If you leave your carrots in the ground over the winter months, they will produce more sugar to fight off the cold and taste sweeter!