About Us

About Epoch Solutions At Epoch Solutions, we’re dedicated to your commitment to collect and conserve precious rainwater to nourish sustainable gardens and help make our world a better place. Epoch is an environmentally-friendly, ethically and socially conscious company providing products that support a more “People-Friendly, Earth-Friendly” lifestyle. Social responsibility is part of everything we do: • We make our rain barrels, available in 2 sizes and styles, by repurposing high-quality food-grade container drums, previously destined for the landfill. • We use lean manufacturing processes, reducing environmental waste. • We work with nonprofit organizations to employ individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities, helping them maximize their independence, earnings potential, and social skills. Why We are Different We are not into mass produced, cheap products made overseas with inexpensive labor and manufacturing that affects the environment negatively. Exactly the opposite… We do things the hard way but we do them in the way we consider to be the “right way.” We work to take waste products and re-purpose them into conservation products. We give work opportunities to individuals that otherwise may not have found productive employment, both those with handicaps and disabilities and those without. We do not make products from virgin plastic, polluting the environment and we invest a tremendous amount of time and resources to travel and teach others about conservation, both solid waste and water conservation, about sustainability in all aspects of life and about doing business and life with excellence and a stewardship mindset. By doing business the right way, we hope, like you, to make many flowers [or “good things”] grow. Thank you for shopping with us! -The Epoch-Solutions Team Contact us here.  

Epoch Rain Barrels is part of the P&A Group, LLC.


By God’s Grace we will…..

  • Grow
  • Relentlessly Improve
  • Passionately serve our customers, employees, and community….


The P&A Group’s mission is to grow and develop a company of well-trained, highly-motivated, customer focused professionals in a creative and productive environment, known by its values of integrity, excellence, giving, and profound respect for the individual. Utilizing the skills and talents from our employees we will provide quality products and services in an effective and efficient manner that will completely satisfy our customers. Profitable financial results will be achieved only through ethical and prudent management. Community awareness, support and enrichment are essential elements of our mission today, tomorrow and in the future.