What is a Rain Barrel?

What is a Rain Barrel?

Rain barrels collect and hold rainwater from rooftops, which can be used for watering ornamental plants, gardens, and lawns. Rain barrels are a simple way we can help the environment by:

  • Reducing non-point source water pollution
  • Reducing erosion from storm surges in our streams
  • Reducing the amount of treated city water used for watering lawns and gardens

Why Epoch Rain Barrels?

Epoch Solutions rain barrels are repurposed or "upcycled" high quality food-grade drums that were destined for a landfill. We re-purpose these drums into rain barrels using socially and environmentally conscious labor and manufacturing processes. Our rain barrels provide you with the highest level of:

  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Quality

Our #1 selling rain barrels are 55 gallons in capacity*. The centerpiece of our rain barrels are drums that are virtually indestructible. Unlike translucent rain barrels, Epoch Solutions colored rain barrels block sunlight passage into the rain barrels preventing algae growth.

Epoch Rain Barrel Specifications:


  • 55 gallon capacity
  • Screened lid
  • Brass and stainless fittings
  • High density upcycled plastic
  • Locking cap
  • Overflow/linking ports
  • Available in black and terracott

Benefits and Uses:

  • Use the rain water to grow healthy and lush plants
  • Rainwater is good for plants because it is highly oxygenated, free of salts and other minerals like chlorine and fluorine from municipal water.
  • Rainwater allows for better root growth of plants and makes plants more drought tolerant.
  • Conserve water as a vital natural resource & possibly reduce your water bills
  • Protect our rivers and streams from runoff pollution
  • Allow rain water to slowly be released and replenish groundwater
  • Divert water from municipal storm drain system
  • Control moisture levels around the foundation of your home
  • Connect to a soaker hose or use drip irrigation to water a garden
  • Fill a watering can to hand-water plants, flowerbeds, and gardens
  • Use this rainwater to keep your compost bin moist
  • Use the rainwater to wash your car

How to Install an Epoch Rain Barrel:

  1. Choose a location near a downspout
  2. Level the ground and place paver blocks as a base. See our accessories page for other stand ideas.
  3. With empty rain barrel in place, measure the new downspout length that is needed.
  4. Remove and cut the existing downspout. Remember, measure twice and cut once.
  5. Re-attach the downspout elbow or the downspout diverter. See our accessories page for diverter options.
  6. Set the rain barrel in place and connect it to the downspout.

Interesting Statistics and Information: 

  • A 1,000 square foot roof sheds 625 gallons in a 1” rainfall.
  • So if your roof is 50 square feet, here’s how to estimate the volume to expect from a 1” rainfall: 50 x 0.625 = 31.25 gallons of rainwater from a 1” rainfall on your 50 sq-ft roof
  • For every 100 square feet of roof surface (10x10 area), 62.3 gallons of water will accumulate during a 1” rain.
  • Water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon. A full 55 gallon rain barrel can weigh over 450 pounds. Make sure the rain barrel foundation is level so that the barrel cannot fall or roll over and hurt someone.
  • Rain barrels conserve water and save money, providing over 1,000 gallons of water during peak summer months.
  • If using an outflow hose, you will increase water pressure by raising the rain barrel on blocks or a stand.
  • Use multiple barrels to capture more water and lessen the occurrence of overflows.

*The drums we use vary slightly in size, plus or minus one to two gallons depending upon the type of food they originally contained.