Mini Rain Barrel Black 17 Gallons
Mini Rain Barrel Black - Raleigh

Mini Rain Barrel Black - Raleigh

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The Epoch Mini Rain Barrel is the perfect solution for those looking to conserve water and reduce their environmental footprint. This compact rain barrel has a 17-gallon capacity and is made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the elements. Its sleek black color adds a modern touch to your home's exterior while its small size allows it to fit seamlessly into any outdoor space. The Mini Rain Barrel features a built-in overflow system that prevents water from spilling over during heavy rainfall and a mosquito-proof mesh screen that keeps insects out. With a convenient spigot at the base, you can easily access the collected water for all your gardening needs. Save money on your water bill and do your part to protect the planet with the Mini Rain Barrel.

Epoch Solutions mini rain barrels are repurposed or “upcycled” high quality food-grade drums that were destined for a landfill. We re-purpose these drums into rain barrels using socially and environmentally conscious labor and manufacturing processes.

  • Black color
  • 17 gallons/64 liters capacity (depending on supplied barrels)
  • Height 25 Inches & Width 17 Inches
  • Screened lid
  • Brass and stainless fittings
  • High density upcycled plastic
  • Locking cap
  • Overflow/linking ports